White Bird in a blizzard (Suspense/Drama)


boyfriend-girlfriend      left-arrow_318-60431Boyfriend & Girlfriend and that’s is the daughter.

Background/Characters: These two are in love and dating and doing normal teenager things.

Mother and father. 

Background/Characters: The father comes off as a pushover and a doormat, for his miserable wife. Towards the end of the movie we see the father is the opposite of what he portrays in front of his daughter. He’s controlling, mean and its his way or the highway. The wife isn’t happy, tries to live vicariously through her own daughter and truly hates her life. The mother resents her daughter and is actually jealous of her own daughter.

So it was no surprise when she just up and disappeared one day. Or at least that’s what we think the whole movie….




There’s a reason why the daughter keeps seeing her mother like this in her dreams, and we keep getting flash backs to these dreams.

But the movie has such a good twist, it will have you thinking you have it figured out all the way till the end, and then when you realize whats going on, you’ll be sitting there with your jaw dropped, because you can’t believe it.



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